Posted by: Ben | October 30, 2010

IF Competition 2010: The Big Scoreboard

Not by any means closing the book on IF competition reviews for this year, but this post will serve as a dumping ground for marks out of ten, thereby permitting me to express a numerical opinion when a verbal one has not yet crystallised.

But why would anyone want to read what score you’ve given a game if you can’t be bothered to review it, I hear you ask? I don’t know. Stop bothering me, conscience.

Anyway, scores.

The Tens

None as yet.

The Nines

One Eye Open

The Eights

Death Off The Cuff
The Warbler’s Nest

The Sevens

Divis Mortis

The Sixes


The Fives

None as yet.

The Fours

The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep

The Threes

A Quiet Evening At Home

The Twos

None as yet.

The Ones

None as yet.

Leaving in the “Not Yet Rated” category:

East Grove Hills
Sons Of The Cherry
The Chronicler
Under, In Erebus
Rogue Of The Multiverse
Flight Of The Hummingbird
The Bible Retold: Following A Star
Ninja’s Fate
The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game
The Blind House
Gris Et Jaune
Pen And Paint
The 12:54 To Asgard


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