Posted by: Ben | October 6, 2010

if: A Quiet Evening At Home

Next up, A Quiet Evening At Home by that zany collective of Internet pranksters, Anonymous.

The highest ranking Comp entry by somebody who could not be bothered to think of a pseudonym or did not think it was important was Tales Of The Traveling Swordsman (actually by Mike Snyder) which placed 4th out of 43 entries in 2006. It is really good and you should play it. The lowest ranking was Breaking the Code (by Gunther Schmidl), which placed last out of 53 in 2000.


You use the can opener to grasp the can, twist the little wheel and, how exciting, the soup can is open.

After a long tiring day doing a job I hated, I came home to my big empty beige house with red trim, went to the toilet, exercised the hamster, microwaved myself some soup, took out the rubbish and sat in the living room, bereft of human connection, wondering how countless millions of years of evolution and thousands of years of human civilization could have led to such utter banality. How was your day?

It looks like it used to be a drawing table, now just part of the furniture.

I used to dream of creating beautiful things. I even thought I might write an IF game once. But screw it, I’m too tired. Working too hard to buy things I don’t need or even enjoy.

If you imagine you’re actually guiding a probe around an alien planet and when you have a poo you’re actually recalibrating the gravity shields, this kind of thing is tolerable. Otherwise it’s just depressing. Go and play Every Day The Same Dream instead.


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