Posted by: Ben | October 21, 2009

if: Trap Cave

A Node-X game in IF Comp 09 by Emilian Kowalewski

Which is listed under “Windows Games” although it does come in Linux as well.

Characters in low budget hospital dramas: If you are being resuscitated when suddenly everything goes into slow motion and the sound is faded down and replaced with a folksy ballad that would sound more at home on an Apple advertisement even as the doctors continue to shout “Clear!” and “Ten milligrams, stat!”, do not start making any arrangements for next weekend.

Bis auf ein paar leichte Schrammen an Armen und Beinen bist du unvesehrt geblieben.

The game opens with a choice between the German version which is in German, or the English version which is in German with a few English phrases here and there.  I neither read nor speak German.  I did it for a year at school but because the teacher was, or appeared to be, a swivel-eyed maniac who hated me, I dropped it as soon as I possibly could.  Took Drama instead.  Failed.  And you can’t bluff German; the text above turns out to say “Except for a few light scratches on your arms and legs, you are unharmed,” when from just looking at the words I imagined that it must have said that every bone in my body had been smashed into tiny pieces.

So I shall abstain from rating Trap Cave.  I do like the ASCII cover art, though.

One small point: some of the accented characters come out funny in the English version, though not in the German version.

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