Posted by: Ben | October 21, 2009

if: The Ascot

An Adrift game in IF Comp 09 by Duncan Bowsman

I think I mentioned before that I don’t really believe in RSS spoiler space padding, but on the other hand it’s an opportunity to write inane drivel and as such is too good to waste.  Ever since I first started a blog I have been slightly anxious about having nowhere to put all the inane drivel that I seem to produce from morning to night.

I wonder which of the multiple conflicting versions of Adrift that I have installed will be required to run this game.

“That ascot!” booms the Eagle Beast.  “Who have touched it must die!”

This is an interesting diversion, a choose-your-own-adventure with not much choice and only the most rudimentary adventuring. (Almost apologetically, it calls itself “non-interactive fiction.”)  In common with conventional IF, you can take an inventory of your possessions and examine them (though there is no need to do either) and you can die without warning.  There are three acts, and one true way to the winning ending, although decisions made earlier in the game influence the later game only to a very limited extent.  The tale is narrated in a kind of studenty jive and the parser is absolutely perfect.  Those looking for a challenge will be unimpressed but this is an entertaining enough way to spend half an hour.

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