Posted by: Ben | October 7, 2009

if: Gleaming The Verb

A Z-code game in IF Comp 09 by Kevin Jackson-Mead

Spoiler space. I wonder if more people would read this if I wrote longer paragraphs up here in order to confuse RSS feed readers. I suspect it wouldn’t make any difference.

Gleaming The Verb is reviewed below the cut.

A large metal cube is in the middle of the room.

Another short puzzle-based game.

The phrase “Guess The Verb” in its original sense is intended to be critical of poorly designed puzzles in IF.  For example, if a game requires you to set fire to a rope in order to progress, and you type BURN ROPE, and the game says “I don’t understand,” but then you type IGNITE ROPE and the action is successful, that’s a guess the verb puzzle.  The puzzle itself is essentially logical but the implementation is poor.

Conversely the implementation of Gleaming The Verb is flawless but its puzzles take a more abstract approach to verb-guessing.  The verbs you are required to guess are not actions a player-character might be expected to perform in a simulated world.  They exist only as words, to be extrapolated by picking letters out of a phrase, like the world’s worst crossword puzzle.  I cannot imagine to whom this might appeal.

Rating: Grim

Next: Beta Tester

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