Posted by: Ben | May 13, 2009

Pop Music: Faster

(Manic Street Preachers, 1994.)

[In 1994 the Manic Street Preachers released their third album, The Holy Bible. Hailed as an instant classic, the album drew praise for its disturbing and poetic lyrics which were written mainly by guitarist John Simon Richey James Edwards and recited by singer James Dean Brando in his characteristic barely intelligible retardese. Sadly when Edwards was abducted by aliens in 1995 the original song words were lost forever, and all surviving copies were subsequently destroyed by the BBC during the Great Digital Switchover of 2008, or moved to the loft to make room. Now, as the Preachers (as their loyal fans know them) release their new musical adaptation of Edwards’ unfinished romantic novel Journals Of Prague Lovers, a team of the worlds top synthetic phonicists led by Lady Victoria Mondegreen of Fairport University has for the first time been able to accurately transcribe the lyrics from the recording. Another Mr Lizard now presents a world exclusive preview of this important work, which will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery from June 14th.]

I am an architect
They call me a butcher
I am a paella
They call me primitive
I am purity
They call me perverted
Holy newt but I only message this wonderland

I am Eddie, a dog had the budgie and a towel on my tome
Love is all I’ve got with all my latex lizards
It’s so disgusting self obsession hanging in a deluxe sham case
A morality a video only too damp for Tom Petty

I am
stronger than Manson
Mellor and Mellor, I spatter Plath and paint her
A yam
All the things I chew recur
I chew fat washers, bat lung, hard to spell

The first ton you see yourself
“Nay, kid” you cry
Soft skin of acne
Four buses broke down
You love my Julie
These mints are like urine raining
I know a belief in melting buddhas might not seem…

Slick and adult thoughts banging through my mind
Shatters like it bugs me there’s too many people awake
If you stand and block a mail van you will be knocked down
I like chihuahas, wipe myself on shovels, bark like everybody else

I yearn
To strangle that manta
Mellow and mellow I straddle path and painter
I arm
All the things I chew repair
I chew fat washers, bat blood, hard to spill
Learn to spare

Sodomy’s such a gay thing
Manacles, everything
Soda mizo, Toquet vim
Man curls everything
Sue dummies a decay fin
Manc ale’s everything
Sold ’em Es at a cave in
Man, kale’s everything

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