Posted by: Ben | February 8, 2009

100 Movies: Miss Potter

(Film. Noonan. UK, 2006)

Miss Potter is admirable in that it is a short, low-key film about large emotions that resolve themselves into low-key events. It’s set in the olden days, all about posh Beatrix Potter (Zellweger), who lives in a big house with her disapproving mother, writes books about rabbits in waistcoats, has a chaste affair with her publisher Norman Warne (McGregor) and moves to the Lake District. The film contains nothing likely to raise the blood pressure of an elderly relative and no interesting revelations, except for the allegation that she was a nutjob who talked to her drawings. Who knows if this is accurate, but it’s certainly pleasant, age-appropriate, class-appropriate Sunday afternoon viewing for just about anyone, in which McGregor’s moustache neither sags amusingly or drops off (unlike his accent).

Not that any of this could have happened by accident, indeed Miss Potter is a warm and comfortable piece of cinema that reflects well on all involved, if one can just ignore an unfortunate coincidence of names between the actor playing the male lead and a certain fictional leporidocidal farmer. If there has been a nicer, more inconsequential film made in the last ten years, I haven’t seen it. And there’s really nothing more to say about it than that.



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