Posted by: Ben | October 5, 2008

if: LAIR of the CyberCow

(videogame. ADRIFT. Wilson. Interactive Fiction Competition 2008.)

EDIT: To avoid unwary visitors reading anything that might alarm them, the review (such as it is) appears after the jump.

For the third time in three games – what the hell was that?

The game gets off to a thoroughly unpromising beginning, with the player stuck in the world’s smallest town. Unless you can read the author’s mind, you won’t know what to do and will wander around trashing the church because that seems to be the only action allowed.

So you turn to the walkthrough, which opens the gates to another version of the game entirely, a dreamlike, otherworldly realm where nothing is quite as it seems and whimsy is king.

This isn’t a game by any reasonable definition, the illogical puzzles are unsolvable without clues or any motivation for the player character. But it reads nice, and I don’t regret the time I spent with it.


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