Posted by: Ben | August 10, 2008

DOSBox Live Arcade: Planescape: Torment

(video game. PC. Interplay / Black Isle, 1999.)

I woke up in the mortuary, dressed as a goth, with a mission to find some guy. There was a wisecracking skull. It was the late 90’s, and it had worked for the Monkey Island sequels. But this was no adventure game.

I found him. Turned out he wanted me for a dangerous quest: go into some catacombs, find something shiny. I didn’t want to go, but it seemed there was no choice. The dungeons were full of killer bats. I clicked on them, and was brutally nibbled to death. Surely there was a way past? I slid the difficulty down to Easy. Click on bats. Bats die. Puzzle solved.

There were rats in the catacombs too. Were-rats, gettit? Bloodthirsty abominations with comedy buck teeth. My weapons couldn’t harm them, not even on Easy. I ran away.

Then I was kidnapped by zombies. Peaceful zombies. Their leader knew the way down through the catacombs, but he wouldn’t talk to me. I tried every last conversation tree, but none of the NPCs would let me see him. So you see, I had no choice. I massacred them. There was nothing else to do. But the throne room was still locked, and the were-rats were still after me. This was no adventure game. Had I missed the point?



  1. Who said it was an adventure game?

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